eMedeMorcilla : new work, new commercial

Hello everyone!!!

Today we start with this new project, a commercial.

This work is a commercial for ” Energycontrol”.

In this project we have to thing about audition, the message of this commercial is for young people. For this reason we thing, it should be very visual.

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Timeline: photos

Hello everyone,

Here costumes and actors ready.

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Hello everyone,

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Working, designing

Good morning everyone!!!!

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lets work

Good morning!!!!

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After our research, we now have information and we can start to work.

We draw the first sketch in order to show it to the director at the next meeting.

Here you have the sketch… I am crossing my fingers he likes it.

see you very soon


Hola !!!!

después de tener la información vamos a trabajar.

Dibujamos nuestro primer boceto para la reunión con el director.

Aquí tenéis el diseño….cruzo los dedos para que el guste a él.

Nos vemos muy pronto






Hello everyone!!!!

Once again sorry for my absence here.

In the last post, we focused on colours.

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Timeline: colors


I haven’t written for several months due to work.

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Timeline: The Universe


Well, in my last post, I asked you ” How do you imagine the universe and what exits there?”

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New project: “Timeline”

Hi everyone,

It’s being a long time since I posted anything 😦

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